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Fountain Hills Transportation

Transportation in Fountain Hills is characterized by its accessibility and connectivity, catering to the needs of its residents and visitors alike. Here's an overview of the transportation network within this scenic town.

Roadways and Highways

Fountain Hills is well-connected by a network of roads that provide easy access to and from the town. The primary route, State Route 87, connects Fountain Hills with the Greater Phoenix area, making commutes and trips to the city convenient. Additionally, Shea Boulevard is another major thoroughfare that residents frequently use for daily travel, offering direct routes to shopping centers, schools, and medical facilities.

Public Transit Options

While Fountain Hills has a more limited public transit system compared to larger metropolitan areas, there are services designed to meet the community's needs. The town benefits from several bus routes operated by Valley Metro, which connect Fountain Hills to neighboring cities and towns, including Scottsdale and Mesa. These services are particularly valuable for residents who work or study outside the town or those who prefer not to drive.

Bike-Friendly Initiatives

Fountain Hills encourages cycling as a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. The town features bike lanes on several of its roads and has access to bike trails that weave through its picturesque landscapes. These initiatives not only support recreational biking but also commuting by bicycle, making it a practical option for short distances.


For air travel, residents of Fountain Hills are conveniently located near several airports. The closest major airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which is approximately a 30-minute drive away, offering a wide range of domestic and international flights. Scottsdale Airport, catering to private and corporate aviation, is also nearby, providing another option for business and leisure travelers.

Local Transportation Services

Fountain Hills also offers local transportation services aimed at enhancing mobility within the town, especially for seniors and those without access to a vehicle. These services include community shuttles and on-demand transport options, which help residents navigate the town with ease, whether for shopping, medical appointments, or social engagements.

The transportation network in Fountain Hills is designed to balance the town's serene lifestyle with the necessity for mobility and access. Whether through well-maintained roadways, public transit, bike-friendly paths, or proximity to airports, residents and visitors can enjoy the convenience and beauty of Fountain Hills while staying connected to the broader region.